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Writing an HKU Personal Statement in Hong Kong

Schools face ever-increasing applicants, and subsequently ever-increasing competition, and this gives rise to a need for schools to find new ways to judge applicants. GPA or extracurricular activities can only reveal so much, and they offer little insight into other things that schools value greatly, like character and citizenship. There’s only so much variation among traditional things like GPA, and the HKU personal statement prompt is a way for the school to get a look at who you really are. Likewise, the personal statement is an opportunity for you as well, a chance to speak directly to the University of Hong Kong and tell them just why you’re worthy and why they should accept you. Crafting a personal statement that does this effectively is a challenge, but it’s one that can be met with a little help from the most trusted and reliable personal statement or HKUST thesis writing help.

Applying to Universities in Hong Kong? Below is What You Undeniably Need to Know about HKU admission:

  • the academic year includes two semesters
  • application deadlines usually are conducted between December and May
  • applicants for undergraduate degrees expect to have completed secondary education with satisfactory results in their country’s leaving exams
  • proof of proficiency in English is also required for non-native speakers
  • one of the main HKU personal statement requirements is “Please indicate your reasons for applying to the University, the chosen curricula, extra-curricular activities, etc. in the space provided.” – as you see HKU personal statement word limit is not specified, but 500 words or 800 words are typical limits so, better to follow it.

Have already written a draft but cannot define its word count? You are more than welcomed to use our Counter below! All you need is to paste the text you have and see how many words, sentences, paragraphs, and characters you already crafted. Admirably easy, no? 🙂

Still hesitant about the program to choose? Check the most desirable HKU programs right below.

HKU LLM – Master of Laws program and how to get accepted:

  • do not just summarize your CV, show your motivation for coming to the HKU LLM program 
  • describe any great detail about your academic accomplishments
  • tell what specifically attracts you to the school
  • keep your writing formal
  • use spell-check: make sure there is none of those
  • if there is a page or word limit, respect it, better not to go beyond that
  • don’t use standard templates, make your personal statement unique

Seems like to hard to accomplish all those points? Our professionals would be just as happy as possible to assist you

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HKU JD – Law Juris Doctor program with its all specifics:

  • HKU JD is a leading center of legal research in Asia
  • full-time, two-year law degree
  • with or without prior background in the law
  • small class size – up to 40 students
  • a solid foundation in traditional common law subjects
  • includes a broad range of electives which ends with a substantial dissertation HKU writing

Have doubts about your ability to complete a substantial dissertation? You may not even worry about it as we are always here to assist you.

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Professional Help with the University of Hong Kong Personal Statement

The difficulty with the HKU admission is that you’re expected to communicate so much, essentially you’re supposed to encapsulate yourself, your academic career, what you’re capable of and what you’re good at, and meet HKU personal statement length requirement. This is partly orchestrated by the school to get a look at your communication skills because saying the most with the least words is a sign of good writing and a capable student. Still, unsurprisingly many students struggle to develop personal statements that are capable of doing all these things effectively, but that’s where our ghostwriting service Hong Kong comes in. We’re a professional personal statement writing service with a team of skilled and experienced writers who know just what to say for The University of Hong Kong no matter what program you’re applying to, is it an HKU medicine personal statement, a personal statement for the HKU LLM program, HKU JD program, to write personal statement for hku

Make the Personal Statement the Heart of Your HKU Application!

No matter what the rest of your resume and application look like, if the University of Hong Kong personal statement is good and you make a good impression with the school then your chances of getting accepted skyrocket. Leaving an indelible image in the mind of the reader is difficult, but our writers know all the tricks and techniques on how to subtly yet effectively portray you as consummately capable, professional, and having the traits and characteristics the University of Hong Kong looks for in a student. For the best HKU personal statement go to the best writing service in Hong Kong!

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