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Writing a good essay

There are many factors and aspects of the essay writing process that influence the final product, and to write a truly good essay you must make sure that all these factors are satisfied. A complete list would be impossible because of all the things that must be considered, but there are some basic tips that you can learn to make the process easier and your essays better. One vital component of the process that is often overlooked is the essay introduction. It is very important because it is the reader’s first glimpse into your paper, and if you introduce the topic wrong it can be hard to come back from. An essay introduction tells the reader what your paper is about, and you need to make sure that it accurately sets up the essay.

Essay Structure

The introduction is very important, but to maintain what you have set up at the beginning your paper must demonstrate good essay structure. The structure of an essay is so important because it keeps the reader paying attention, and if your essay doesn’t have god structure than it is probably hard to follow. The readability of your essay is the most important part, and the reader should never be confused at any time during the reading of your paper. Argumentative essay structure is slightly different as you need to make sure to be continually referring to your arguments, but overall it is just like organizing an essay.

Picking an essay title

Many students pick the first thing that comes into their head for the essay title, but in reality this is an important part of the essay process that you should take some time on. The key is to think about what your essay is really saying or accomplishing and making a title that conveys that. You know what your paper is about but a reader has no idea, so you want to give them an essay title that intrigues them and tells them a little bit about what will be in your essay. SAT essay prompts are different as they require shorter and concise writing, but you still want a title that will draw the reader in.

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